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Dear Steven,

Luxury is a distinct feeling. Of limited opportunities to do the things that give us the most pleasure. It spana everything from the intangible to the material. Or what I like to call the dances and the chocolates.

A good book. A calfskin shoe. Moments of solitude. A cashmere scarf. The company of compelling people. A fine dining experience. All are wonderful, yet we are limited in how much we can enjoy them. Limited by time, money, attention, availability; everything that comes to mind when we think of exclusivity.

And at the heart of luxury, I think, is a sense of connection. Of love. Of being at one with, or having an affinity for things that touch a part of us in this moment. The part that reminds us of the best of what it means to feel alive.

In this way there is also an element of art to luxury. An element of expression, or of mirroring the existence we share on a visceral level. This sense of art might even be the beginning. Both in terms of what is impressed upon us, and what creates a desire to do or have.

But however it comes about there must also be an element of craft. Of science and of expertise. Of dedication and of discipline. A prestigious heritage is a function of art and science over time. Of love and strength. Of learning and culture - by people for people.

Yours always,


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